Add the social networks intuitiveness to your Shopify store

Story Style Menu

By using the Story Style Menu app, you can add an intuitive social media-like menu to your Shopify store that enhances your customer's shopping experience and boosts your sales.

List Settings

Easily manage your Story Style menu items with the List Settings section. Create, edit, reorder, hide, delete, and add new items with ease. Build an intuitive visual navigation menu that allows your customers to find what they're looking for faster. With the Story Style Menu app, you can create a unique and visually appealing menu that stands out from the competition.

Menu Settings

With the Menu Settings feature, you can fully customize your menu's fonts, sizes, displays, and colors to match your store's branding. If you prefer a simpler approach, you can always choose the default settings that we've selected for you.

Customize your menu items with strokes and badges to make them stand out.

With the ability to customize every detail of the menu, you can highlight and promote the products and campaigns that matter most to your store. Draw attention to campaigns, collections, specific products, and more with the Story Style Menu app.

Eve Khan

Impressed with the customization options. I made my Shopify store really stand out from other competitors.

Jessica Dodson

The app's features make it easy to promote and highlight my store's products and campaigns. Customers love social media experience.

Nick Seins

The ability to customize every detail of the menu is amazing. This makes my store unique and eye-catching.

Alex S.

Great app for increasing engagement and sales on my Shopify store. Story Style Menu app has really helped to improve my store's navigation.

Pricing plans

Choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs

  • 3 menu items limit
  • Only default menu settings
  • Unlimited menu items
  • Access standard settings for items and menu
  • Unlimited menu items
  • Access to both standard and advanced settings
  • Priority support for Shopify Plus users
Can I use the story style menu for both mobile and desktop versions?

Yes, the functionality of our application allows you to use the story menu for both mobile and desktop versions of your store if you want. However, if you wish, you can also choose to display only one resolution.

I made changes to the story style menu but I don't see them in my shop.

Please make sure that you press the “Save” button in the right part of the screen after you make changes in Menu settings. Or please make sure the needed resolution for mobile or desktop screens is enabled in settings.

If you still face some issues you can contact us at: [email protected].

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can unsubscribe by uninstalling the Story Style menu app from your Shopify store.

Do you have a free plan to test the app?

Unfortunately we do not have a free plan. But you will be able to test the app during our 7 day free trial.

Can I use Story Style Menu for several of my Shopify stores?

You can use the story style menu subscription only on one of your stores. To install the application on your other store, you need to install the application on it separately.

Please contact us for pricing if you wish to install our app on more than 5 stores.

Is your app supported by all themes available for Shopify stores?

Yes our app is supported by all official themes available for Shopify stores.

How can I leave a review for your application?

Your feedback is very important for us. You can leave a review on the application page in the Shopify store.

I have ideas how to improve Story Style menu application.

We are always looking to improve our app and we would really appreciate to get your feedback at: [email protected].

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Your own Story Style Menu for Shopify store

This highly customizable app allows you to create an interactive menu that boosts sales and engages your customers. With Story Style Menu, you have full control over every detail, allowing you to tailor your menu to fit your unique desires and brand identity.

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